“Emma has that ideal combination of high-level vision and attention to detail. She understands the overall goal for the team and then focuses on the most efficient way to accomplish it. She’s a team player and brings a lot of energy to everything she does.”

— Robyn Crummer-Olson, Publisher at Ooligan Press

“Emma is a joy to work with! She is always excited to work on any project and brings a level of professionalism to everything she does. Emma is a hard worker and manages to complete projects both efficiently and with a sharp eye for detail. While her quality of work is consistently high, she doesn’t bring an ego to work and is always open to constructive criticism. She is a great addition to any team.”

— Megan Trank, Managing Editor at Beaufort Books

“If anyone were to fit the description “master of all trades,” it would be Emma. She excels at every project she is assigned, including the projects she has the forethought to complete before we even ask her to start them. She easily balanced professionalism and personal connection from day one of her internship, and I know she will continue to bring the same dedicated and passionate energy to every future position she chooses to take on. It has been such a joy having Emma as part of the Beaufort team, and it will be hard to see her go!”

— Olivia Fish, Publicist and Assistant Editor at Beaufort Books

“As Ooligan emerges from a covid-induced funk, Emma never stopped finding ways to reinvent book promotion. That’s what publishing & promotion is all about—evolution and adaptation. With her tenacious leadership and palpable enthusiasm for all things books and publicity, Emma became an anchor for Ooligan Press, bringing our books to the forefront of their markets and building lasting community connections along the way.”

— Sarah Moffatt, Marketing Manager at Ooligan Press

“Emma structured and organized the Publicity Department at Ooligan Press like it had never been before. She is a passionate self-starter who elevates and sets new precedents for every project she works on. Emma is a “yes woman” that is always willing to take on new challenges and collaborate with others. She would make a shining addition to any Publicity Department or project and has my highest recommendation!”

— Riley Robert, Social Media Manager at Ooligan Press

“Emma brings an energy of enthusiasm and confidence to her leadership that inspires the people she leads. The event-planning expertise she brought to Ooligan and the publicity department has legitimized the press’s launch event planning process after two dry years, and the passion and excitement she brings to these events spill over into the atmosphere of each event itself. Emma’s organization and enthusiasm will elevate your projects and initiatives!”

— Katherine Flitsch, Design Manager at Ooligan Press

““Energetic and wildly enthusiastic about books” is what comes to mind when I think of Emma. She has been our rock in all things, offering strategic guidance in publicity materials and events. She is everyone’s favorite person to work with.”

— Kaylee Lovato, Ooligan Press Staff Member